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the traveling

fashion designer


(pronounced MAHK)

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A traveling fashion designer and a high-class tailor, Mach is confident that his ruse will work, but his helpers, Potts and Pitts, are not. He is "the bad guy," but he becomes highly persuasive. 


Costume     A long, flowing robe, something fancy under it, and reading a book when he first appears. Modern dress as a city slicker or mob boss, perhaps, in a white tuxedo with shiny black or brightly colored lapels and a red fedora. A shiny leather jacket, open neck, and visible tattoos would also work.


Mach’s songs:

      “(Help Them Believe In) What They Can’t See”  (with Potts and Pitts)

      “Something More” (with all the cast)

      “Rose, Jade, Blue, Marmalade” (with Potts and Pitts)

      “Lip Service Tango”   (with Ladyship)

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