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Other Characters

( Only Mutchka is cast by one actor.  Other characters are bit parts playable by other actors. )


the Emperor's

other daughter

(nasal alto)

Mutchka 1.jpg

The Emperor’s other ugly daughter, who pals around with Espi. She lords it over Espi.


Makeup & Costume     The same as Courtiers, only more exaggerated for her character. Ignore the smiles; she is not a happy character. The images below can be adapted for Courtiers as well.

Sings  with Courtiers (chorus)




Mach's assistants


They serve Mach, making Mach appear important.

Their songs:

      “(All the Things People Believe In) That They Can’t See” (with Mach)

      “Rose, Jade, Blue, Marmalade” (with Mach)

Potts Pitts 1_edited.jpg




(various vocal ranges)

One is overly masculine and dominating, another is effeminate, and the third one is a seducer with style. Eldora rejects them all. Bit parts played by Courtier, Potts, or Pitts. Vocal range suited to each Prince's character.

Prince 1_edited.jpg
Prince 6_edited_edited_edited.jpg



(one or three)


One or three Bureaucrats speak in Gregorian-chant style as they recite nonsense sections of The Plan. Bit parts played by Courtier, Potts, and/or Pitts.


Costume and modern dress:      See images. 

Bureaucrat 1.jpg
Bureaucrat 3_edited.jpg
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