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The Emperor


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Dismal and troubled, the Emperor is torn between upholding convention as the ruler or respecting what his eyes really see and what his friend the Fool says, "There's nothing there."


His song at the end “Somewhere in Distant Corners of the Heart” is the eleven o'clock number.


Costume and modern dress     The Emperor first appears in bed. He could wear a long robe over brightly colored pajamas, perhaps with a crown askew on his head. Always dismal, he could keep in his bedclothes even in Court or could transition to something more formal.

Good images of a sad emperor with striking makeup are hard to find. Envision the images below with sorrowful expressions.


Emperor’s songs:

      “So Opposite We Are” (with Mundo) 

      “I Cannot See It” (with the Empress)

      “Somewhere in Hidden Corners of the Heart” (11 o'clock number)

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Makeup ideas

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