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the chorus


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Courtiers 1_edited.jpg

The Courtiers (the chorus) in this bizarre empire are obsessed with having the most fashionable dress possible, so costumes should aim to be gaudy, overdone, but keeping within the idea that the Courtiers believe what they are wearing is high fashion.

The Courtiers not only speak and sing in strict timing (unison or four-part harmony), but also move in unison, to reflect the strict social conformity in the Imperial Court. Their movements should be awkward, stiff, mechanical, jerky, or spasmodic.

Costume     The images here, if copied, would be a monumental task for the costume designer, so they are intended for inspiration, and the styles here are far from the only ones possible.  Alexander McQueen's fashion dress can be tapped for ideas. 

Modern dress  is distinctly possible, with standard dressy clothes (not jeans or T-shirts) accented with bright color here and there.    

Shoestring budget     One option might be to have each actor design his or her own costume with guidance as to style and color:  patterns, solid colors, a mix, etc.


Courtier’s songs:

      “Chit Chat Chit Chat”  

      “Something’s Missing”

      “Nicely, Nicely”

      “The Fabric of Our Lives”   

      “Alone / Little Silences / Everything’s Fine”    

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