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A fantasy satire

based on The Emperor's New Clothes

For all ages

Where nothing is real

& everybody believes the same lies

EXCEPT the mischievous court fool Mundo,

who declares:

"There's nothing there but empty air."

To which the Courtiers all cry:

"Fool! Fool! Fool!"

• Over-the-top characters • 

 • Farcical plot twists • A deep love story •
• Stylized makeup • Gaudy faux-high-fashion costumes •

• Exotic, surreal, tragic-comic •

In brief:

Princess Eldora, the Emperor’s beautiful daughter, remains aloof and silent. She has refused all princely suitors.
    Who could she ever love?

Mundo the Fool flirts as usual with the female Courtiers.

But when the Emperor offers his bastard daughter Espi to be Mundo’s wife, Mundo is insulted:

     "I am a fool, and no damn fool!"

Mundo vows in revenge to seduce Eldora.
    But how to seduce a princess?
    Declare True Love for her, and fake it.


And the mismatched relationship progresses from there...

Based on the classic 1837 folktale by Hans Christian Andersen,

his exposé of hypocrisy and snobbery in Danish bourgeois society. 

Skip Schloming:  concept, book & lyrics
Alistair Mungall:  music
Tim Stoney:  additional music
(c) copyright 2022

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Ready for a premiere production, shoestring to lavish.
Or staged reading.



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